Who We Are

At OpenTug, we believe that the power of innovation can reshape an entire industry.

As North America’s first digital booking platform connecting shippers, barge operators, and terminals, we are propelling logistics into the future. Our mission is simple yet transformative: Supercharge inland marine shipping by enhancing visibility, efficiency, and connectivity.

Our Story

OpenTug was founded by Jason Aristides, Mike Baldwin, and Luciano de la Iglesia.

Inspired by Jason's firsthand experiences in the maritime industry and his profound understanding of its challenges, they set out to revolutionize logistics operations on the waterways.

Our Founders
The Beginning of OpenTug
A Growth Story
OpenTug Founders Mike Baldwin and Jason Aristides

Meet the Founders

Jason Aristides

Jason Aristides


Jason has over four years of experience in the maritime industry at companies such as Foss and Curtin Maritime. His industry expertise paired with his over five years of software development experience inspired the creation of OpenTug. Today, Jason leads the OpenTug team toward a future of innovation with input from customers and users to continue to pioneer improvements.

Mike Baldwin

Michael Baldwin


After developing the first versions of the OpenTug platform using over ten years of software development experience, Mike worked in Global Operations at companies such as AWS and Wve Labs. Today, Mike leads the sales, marketing and operations teams at OpenTug,  focusing on growing the network for our shippers and service providers.

Luciano De Iglesia

Luciano de la Iglesia


With over ten years of software development experience, Luciano leads the development team here at OpenTug. Previously, he built enterprise AI software at Microsoft and researched neural systems at the University of Washington. With his leadership, OpenTug's development team continues to work on new features to change the marine space.

Our Solutions

OpenTug is the first logistics network to connect Shippers and Marine Operators in a single integrated booking platform.

OpenTug Marketplace

OpenTug Marketplace is native platform for connecting shippers with barges, terminals, and storage facilities. The OpenTug tools allow for easy coordination with our seamless workflow for handling bookings from request to delivery. 

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OpenTug SaaS Tools

OpenTug has worked tirelessly to develop the tools that operators are looking for the most when coordinating logistics movements. In collaboration with leading tug and barge companies as well as terminals and ports all over the US, we’ve developed SaaS tools for the industry that allow for smoother voyage planning and booking.

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Why Choose Us

At OpenTug, we envision a future where cargo flows easily, stakeholders are seamlessly connected, and the full potential of inland waterways is unlocked.

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Marine Providers




Tons of Cargo Requested

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Search and book shipping services on inland waterways, barges, and terminals.

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Barge Operators

Revolutionize marine shipping with a custom digital booking platform for barge and vessel operators, enabling effortless connection with shippers.

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Introducing an innovative digital sales suite for terminal operators. Streamline booking at your terminal or trans-load facility.

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Introducing the first ever purposed built booking platform for Ports. OpenTug unifies operations for all terminals and tenants, improving overall visibility.

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What our clients say

"OpenTug is a need for us and the entire market. Customers are demanding more visibility and easier access to services, which OpenTug enables."

“OpenTug has allowed Island Freight Line to quickly put a short-sea concept into service, and give businesses and shippers an alternative method for transportation to the island of Nantucket.”

"We were really impressed with the level of detail and the quick responses. We've worked with other freight logistics brokers in the past and it's been a nightmare but with OpenTug, it was just a great experience the whole way through."

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