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OpenTug is the first digital shipping network built to connect freight with barges and terminals nationwide. Take logistics in a new direction with software for shippers, terminals, carriers, and ports.

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Connecting Shippers to Tows, Barges, Transloads and Terminals.


Easily book and manage terminals, storage, barges or vessel capacity in a seamless digital suite.

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Barge Operators

OpenTug provides marine companies with custom SaaS tools to streamline maritime operations and improve voyage planning and booking. Leverage quoting and tracking tools or experience our custom-branded booking platform for tug and barge operators. Make new connections with simplified processes that help you get quotes out faster, close more deals, and leverage your data to make informed decisions.

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Ports & Terminals

OpenTerminal provides Ports and Terminals with a digital sales and marketing interface to drive new business and improve customer service. Make new connections on our marketplace and streamline with your new branded sales platform.

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Our Solutions

OpenTug Marketplace

OpenTug Marketplace connects shippers with barges, terminals, and storage facilities.  OpenTug allows for easy coordination between stakeholders, with seamless workflow to handle bookings from request to delivery. 
Book barges and terminals
Filter for access, capacity, and commodities
Browse service lanes and terminals
Request changes and edits
Track shipments and delays
Explore the Marketplace

OpenTug SaaS tools

OpenTug has worked tirelessly to develop the tools that operators are looking for the most when coordinating logistics movements. In collaboration with leading tug and barge companies as well as terminals and ports all over the US, we’ve developed SaaS tools for the industry that allow for smoother voyage planning and booking.
Instant quoting and tracking tools
Branded customer portals
Port solutions for your tenants, terminals, and facilities
Data and reporting to inform decisions and workflow operations
Notifications, live chat, and seamless integrations
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Introducing BargeConnect Voyage Tools


Price complex jobs in minutes with OpenTug's Quoting tools. Say goodbye to punching data into tedious excel sheets, calculating distances with charts, and estimating fuel burn. With OpenTug, operators can quote shipments instantly, enabling sales to handle more business while providing better service to customers.


OpenTug Tracking captures, and analyzes vessel location data, to provide active reporting and automated position reports on a regular basis. Assets are continuously tracked throughout the day, to created summarized events based on miles made, time in transit, delayed, and more. You can share this report with customers, providing access to real-time status on every job.

Why OpenTug? Why Waterways?

We are organizing an inland shipping renaissance to move the world's goods efficiently.

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Cost Effective

Inland marine transportation is significantly cheaper than other traditional modes such as rail or trucking because of the lower use of fuel.

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More Efficient

OpenTug's tools and workflows allow sales and customer service teams to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and move more cargo. 

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Environmentally Friendly

Barge transportation releases over 90% less carbon than overland alternatives. Shipping by barge is by far the most sustainable transportation mode at scale.

1. Post a Request (it’s free!)
Choose from an existing sailing between two destinations, or customize a request to your specific needs. Your request is instantly forwarded to 75+ barge operators, to find the perfect provider for your load.
2. Get Matched to Transportation, Terminals, and Storage
Review quotes for barge and towing service, while finding the perfect load, unload, and storage facilities for your shipment. OpenTug will automatically match your request to over 15,000 locations in the US.
3. Manage your Shipment
After you’ve found the perfect provider, confirm the final details before signing documentation to lock in your service. Contracts are between you and the provider, not OpenTug, so you’re always welcome to communicate directly as needed.

What our clients say

"OpenTug is a need for us and the entire market. Customers are demanding more visibility and easier access to services, which OpenTug enables."

“OpenTug has allowed Island Freight Line to quickly put a short-sea concept into service, and give businesses and shippers an alternative method for transportation to the island of Nantucket.”

"We were really impressed with the level of detail and the quick responses. We've worked with other freight logistics brokers in the past and it's been a nightmare but with OpenTug, it was just a great experience the whole way through."

We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping
Project Cargo

No matter the dimensions of your load, OpenTug has barge capacity specialized for Project cargo needs.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping

Grain, spud, and other bulk goods are being shipped across the US on OpenTug.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping
Break Bulk Cargo

Ship Breakbulk across waterways with OpenTug.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping
Heavy Equipment

OpenTug makes coordinating Heavy Equipment hauling easy.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping
Oil & Gas

OpenTug takes the headache out of finding liquid bulk transport capacity for your petroleum products.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping

Move coal on America's waterways with OpenTug. Our providers are experts at hauling bulk product.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping

Ship iron, steel, and other metals across the waterways with OpenTug.

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We Take the Complexity Out of Shipping

Liquid and dry chemical shippers can find bulk marine capacity on OpenTug.

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We Are Passionate About Supercharging Marine Logistics

By building the first booking platform to connect Shippers, Barge Operators, and Terminals online, we are propelling logistics into the future. Our mission is simple yet transformative: Increase the efficiency of freight transport by utilizing inland & coastal waterways.

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Moving Marine Logistics Forward with OpenTug

OpenTug delivers the visibility and connectivity needed for shippers to fully utilize inland and coastal shipping.

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