Experience the Power of Automation for Liner Services

Embracing digitization in today's world is not just a choice, but a necessity. Increase freight volume for your sales team with no additional overhead costs with powerful digital SaaS solutions.

Why LinerOS

Improve bottom line and enhance service with automation supporting every step of the customer journey.

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Automated Quoting

OpenTug digitizes your tariff sheet to price any job in seconds. Instantly generate rates for service in standard scenarios or produce provisional quotes for sales team approval.

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Digital Booking and Sailing Schedules

Shippers easily request, access, and manage their shipments allowing for efficient communication and a smooth experience.

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Easy Customer Management and Updating

Send notifications of changes or updates in one view and facilitate digital payment once the quote is in hand.

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Effortless Reporting

View next steps in shipment process, access real-time asset tracking, and communicate with shippers all in one place.  

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A Branded Digital Booking Platform for Your Customers

OpenTug’s branded customer portals allow barge operators to market services and accept bookings online, so your sales team can spend more time selling and less time juggling customers.
  • Upload or connect sailing schedules
  • Add destinations and trade lines
  • Enable shippers to explore interactive trade lanes
  • Keep shippers up to date with notifications and messages
  • Manage sailings from a single digital CRM dashboard
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Automated Quoting and Route Planning

Serve your customers with automated or semi-automated quotes in seconds.
  • Digitize your tarrifs
  • Upload customized proposal templates
  • See weather alerts, lock status, and other delays
  • Add additional rates, legs, and other assumptions
  • Move shippers through the sales funnel seamlessly
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Position Reporting Done the Modern Way

Automatically generate position reports and send updates to customers, faster than ever before.
  • Set desired report generation cadences
  • Track delays and receive status updates
  • Share with shoreside teams for manual editing
  • Email report updates directly to customers

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