Navigating the Bulk Cargo Market: An Insider's Guide to Inland Marine Transport

Discover how inland marine waterways enable new efficiencies for bulk shippers, and how to leverage these benefits in your business.

Dive into Unexplored Challenges and Solutions to the Shipping Industry

  • The state of the supply chain industries including traditional modes such as truck and rail
  • The importance of inland marine transport to the overall market
  • How the industry is being revolutionized through digitization and software advancements
  • Why barge transportation is more efficient and effective for specific shipping needs
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Cutting through the Noise: How to Streamline Voyage Planning and Improve Quoting Processes

Hear from OpenTug's founder and CEO, Jason Aristides on how to improve voyage planning processes and overcome the roadblocks faced when planning, quoting, and tracking shipments.

This webinar covers: 

  • The roadblocks and bottlenecks in voyage planning
  • Digitization as a key strategy to improving business operations
  • Key features of our suite of voyage planning tools
  • A live demonstration of the software in action
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