OpenTug is dedicated to helping Shippers, Freight Forwarders, and 3PLs manage breakbulk shipments across US waterways. Our digital platform has eliminated the traditional challenges of coordinating transportation for oversized goods.

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What is Breakbulk?

Breakbulk shipping is any goods or products that do not fit in traditional containers, but are also not bulk shipped. These items are typically packaged as bags, pallets, or even boxes. Project cargo is also considered breakbulk.

industrial iron and metal

Why Choose OpenTug for Your Breakbulk Needs? 

At OpenTug, we're continually innovating to making booking easier for our users.


Shippers on average save hours of time by submitting specified shipment requests through the OpenTug Marketplace. Eligible operators respond with quotes for shippers to compare, select, and track in the OpenTug application.


Track lock statuses and vessel queues with OpenTug. Our solution offers a single solution from request to delivery with in-app chat available through the entire process.


It has never been easier to coordinate booking processes and connect with barge and terminal operators. Simplify transloads, sailings, and more with the first North American digital platform for Project Cargo.


What our clients say

"OpenTug is a need for us and the entire market. Customers are demanding more visibility and easier access to services, which OpenTug enables."

“OpenTug has allowed Island Freight Line to quickly put a short-sea concept into service, and give businesses and shippers an alternative method for transportation to the island of Nantucket.”

"We were really impressed with the level of detail and the quick responses. We've worked with other freight logistics brokers in the past and it's been a nightmare but with OpenTug, it was just a great experience the whole way through."

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